Tuesday 14 May 2013

Hello Stranger, Again and Again

*walks to center-stage*
I think I have something to say. I hope you want to hear it.
This is the third or fourth blog I've started. I've always wanted to write - that's the only thing that has always been with me, through my wanting to be a doctor and an astronaut, model and housewife, actress and dancer. Writing is like bloodletting, and I don't think I'll ever stop.
My other blogs were clearly defined. The first was an online diary, the next a travel and style blog, the next a poetry blog...this one though, this one is simply me tracking my life, and inviting anyone who cares to watch and/or participate in my journey to do so.
I'm still searching for my voice, or message, or whatever. I hope this blog helps me find it.
More than that, I hope I find inspiration for life, and make friends, and find encouragement for the hard places and shine a light to someone else in a dark place.
This blog is me sending myself out into the world again, in a little love-scented box, and hoping you open it and enjoy the contents.

Love, OluTimehin.

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