Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Misadventures in Tech Land

In case any of you wondered why my blog vanished and morphed into an advert for recently, it was because I attempted to, as we like to say in pidgin, "do pass myself".

 I don't know very much about web design (this despite a fairly expensive HTML et al course at Aptech - a course which I did not fail, might I add!), but I was advised by a friend to buy my domain name and swank up the blog. You know, like any serious blogger. It has a nice ring to it, no? (I was gonna go for because of the rhyme but common sense got the better of me. Maybe I'll do that with my tumblr.)

Anyhow. Here I am, back at my nice, comfortable, familiar home, because I managed to be unable to figure out how to make Instant Website Builder work, as well as simply not understanding all those scary 'Alias', 'Points To' and 'CNAME' thingy-bobs that godaddy sicced on me. I haven't felt as dense as the last couple of days made me feel in a very long time. Believe me when I say it was incredibly humbling. (And annoying, hence my very dissatisfied customer review. Take that, godaddy!)

So I'm back here for now. I'll probably find someone to do the 'upgrade' for me soon, hopefully in exchange for something I'm actually good at (like a blowjob), and then we'll be back to feminist-talk and struggling-Christian-walk (see reference to blowjob above).

And it was awesome to discover that some people actually read my blog! 

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